Strategic Planning & Evaluation for Arts Practitioner Leaders – Feb. 22, 2020


Arts making and arts management are not mutually exclusive. Discover how your creative process can support the operations of your dance company, studio, or arts non-profit. Design a way to work that is aligned with your vision, values, and artistry. Learn how to set goals, priorities, action plans, and timelines on a yearlong cycle, and how to evaluate your process authentically and effectively. No prerequisite.

10% Professional Discounts available for this course for Dancers’ Group/CDEA/NDEO members. 50% off for current full-time students. Please contact 510.883.1118.

Register for both Advocating for Change & Strategic Planning and receive 20% off! Call 510.883.1118 for discount.


Saturday, February 22, 2020
Luna Dance Institute

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Dancers in Leadership
June 9, 4:30-6pm