Practitioner Exchanges – monthly

From: $15.00

Practitioner Exchanges create time and space for peer educators to explore issues of practice. Get inspired! Try out new ideas or perspectives! Ask for help with your challenges. Each month centers on a different topic. This year, Practitioner Exchanges are paired with workshop offerings as an opportunity to integrate and revisit information throughout the year. Practitioner Exchanges are facilitated by Summer Institute alumni and veteran dance teachers experienced in the topic addressed. Come to ONE, come to ALL. No prerequisite. Held at Luna Dance Institute, 605 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA.

Practitioner Exchanges are included in the cost of workshops as follow-up discussions. When taken in conjunction with a half-day workshop, PD hours total 4.5-7.

Topics include:

Creating Space for Child-centered Work
September 10

Embodied Poetics: Writing & Dance
October 8

Dance in Special Education & Inclusion
November 12

Creating Community through Dance
December 10

Aerial Dance & Creativity
January 14

Dance & Self-regulation
February 11

Dance Integration Across Curricula
March 10

Agency & Power in Early Childhood
April 14

Cultural Relevancy in Dance
May 12

Dancers in Leadership
June 9

Luna Dance Institute

$15-40 sliding scale.
Free of charge for registered Professional Learning Users (those who have paid the annual $25 fee).



Professional Learning User Fee

If this is your first time registering for a workshop this year, please include a mandatory annual $25 PL User Fee. OPTIONAL for Practitioner Exchanges, Launch, and free panels & events.

I’d like to cover the processing fee so 100% of my purchase goes to Luna Dance Institute.