Dance Equity & Inclusion Day – Mar. 21, 2020


Join us for a day of learning, questioning, sharing, and dancing about how to make our field more accessible and equitable to all. While this is part of Luna’s everyday practice, and a critical aspect of all our workshops, we are dedicating a full day to immerse intently with community. Stay tuned for more details about the day’s guest workshops, panels, dance jams, and more.

Saturday, March 21
Luna Dance Institute
$40-200 sliding scale

Minimum Price: $40.00

Professional Learning User Fee

If this is your first time registering for a workshop this year, please include a mandatory annual $25 PL User Fee. OPTIONAL for Practitioner Exchanges, Launch, and free panels & events.

I’d like to cover the processing fee so 100% of my purchase goes to Luna Dance Institute.



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Cultural Relevancy & Dance
May 12, 4:30-6pm