School-Age Dance Classes (5-12 years)

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    Composition Series


    After learning to take risks, play with movement ideas and develop basic dance competencies through improvisation, dancers ages 8-17 enter the composition series. Three levels of composition allow dancers to explore choreographic principles with increasing breadth and depth. Dance technique is developed to provide the necessary skills for students to execute their works safely and with an increasing awareness of the audience.

    Improv + Composition

    Now open to 11-16 year olds without prerequisite


    Choreography + Performance

    Prerequisite: Improv + Dance Fundamentals and/or with permission of instructor.

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    Creative Dance Improvisation (CDI) for 4-5s


    4-5 year olds at Luna have the opportunity to enjoy their first dance classes alone, independent of their parents. They explore their power and all they can do. Opposites, prop play and story provide an introduction to the elements of dance – the body moving through space, time and energy.

    4:00-4:45pm (4-5 year olds)

    This class is full, please call 510-883-1118 to join the waitlist


    10:00-10:45am (4 year olds)


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    Creative Dance Improvisation (CDI) for 5-7s


    Children ages 5-7 expand range of motion, body articulation and locomotion as they learn to solve movement problems and create simple dance phrases. They gain skill in spatial awareness and increase their knowledge of how to use the elements of space (line, pathway, level, size and focus) and energy to express ideas or feelings. No prerequisite. 




    Saturdays fall only
    5-7 years

    This class is full. Please contact Aiano, to be placed on the waitlist.

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    Improv + Dance Fundamentals (IDF) for 7-12s


    Through consciously using the elements of energy, space and time, dancers  learn body mechanics, gain strength and flexibility, and increase range of motion and coordination. Dance fundamentals develop in the context of serving expressive ideas. Movement invention is encouraged as dancers create phrases, make choices within a score, and synthesize their life experiences into movement. No prerequisite.

    7-10 years

    This class is full, to be added to our waiting list please call 510-883-1118.