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  • Ask a Fellow LIVE! – May 16, 2022


    Ask a Fellow is an open, informal exchange where Luna’s teaching artist fellows practice sharing their experience, inquiry, and expertise and the larger community of practitioners has a place to ask questions small and large. Everything you wanted to know about teaching dance but were afraid to ask!

    Do you have a question about family dance, inclusive teaching practice, responsive teaching, or any other aspect of dance teaching? Are you curious about something in dance education, but don’t have a fully formed question? That’s okay! Bring your questions to Ask a Fellow LIVE!, a live free Zoom panel conversation with our fellows addressing your inquiries. Or submit questions in advance, below. After the panel until May 31, fellows will respond to questions in audio, video, and written formats, so keep them coming!

    More info about Ask a Fellow here.

    Ask a question here.

    May 16, 2022
    4-5:30pm Pacific
    via Zoom

    Questions or trouble registering? Email Jochelle at


  • First Dances: an interplay between Body-Mind Centering® & teaching family dance – May 1, 2021


    Join us for an exciting panel conversation exploring how dance educators around the globe integrate and source inspiration from Body-Mind Centering® and the neurocellular developmental patterns in their family dance teaching practice.

    Panelists include Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (Body-Mind Centering®, US), Nancy Ng (Luna’s MPACT program, US), Jochelle Pereña (Luna’s Professional Learning program, US/Canada), family dance practitioner Rossana Alves (Brazil/US), and Anka Sedlačková (Babyfit, Slovakia). 

    Saturday, May 1, 2021
    10:30am-12pm Pacific
    via Zoom

    Questions or trouble registering? Email Jochelle at

  • Launch – Sept. 8, 2020


    Start your school year off right with teachers who are as passionate about sharing their art as you are. This happy hour is a fun, empowering, and community-building event. This year, join Patricia Reedy, Nancy Ng, and Jochelle Perena on Zoom as they share what’s in the works for Luna’s Professional Learning, hear about Patricia’s doctoral research on creativity, connect with other dance practitioners about what’s on your minds right now, share your own goals for this year, and dance with us!

    For Luna alumni and those who want to learn more about us, dancers, practitioners, and teachers – all welcome. Come to connect with the larger dance ed community, and to learn more about Luna.

    Tuesday, September 8, 2020
    starting at 5pm Pacific
    via Zoom

  • The Art is in the Practice: Action Research & Reflection by Dance Educators – March 8, 2021


    Engage with the dance educators from Luna’s Teacher as Creative Practitioner-Scholar course as they present their action research projects. Hear about their inquiry questions, their process, what they learned about themselves, and their reflections. Each 15 minute presentation will be followed by a short question & answer. Explore presenter bios and topics here.

    Featuring presentations by:

    Rosalina Macisco

    Shona Mitchell

    Ashley Rogers

    Michaela Summers

    Erin Walter

    Lisbeth Woodington


    Monday, March 8, 2021
    4-6pm Pacific
    via Zoom

    having trouble registering? Email Jochelle at