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  • Dance & the Preschool Learning Foundations – Math – April 23, 2022


    A creative and embodied day exploring the integration of dance and The Preschool Learning Foundations in math.

    Saturday, April 23, 2022
    via Zoom
    $90 for one, $150 for both
    come to either or both!

    Free for OUSD teachers. Email to register.


    Integrating  Dance & Math (Part One)
    9:30-11:15am Pacific

    How does a child’s kinesphere and relationship to self and others relate to Geometry and Measurement? This interactive learning experience will explore the developmental neuro-patterns, and spatial awareness through dance.

    Integrating  Dance & Math (Part Two)
    1-2:45pm Pacific

    What does Number Sense and Pre-Algebra look like through the embodied movement of the young child? This interactive learning experience will explore play-based dance activities that support sorting, classifying, adding together/taking away, and patterning through the lens of culturally relevant teaching practice.


    having trouble registering? Email Jochelle at

  • Teacher as Creative Practitioner-Scholar – Creativity – spring 2022

    This advanced-level online course in the Teacher as Creative Practitioner Scholar series explores Creativity: theories, research, practice. Discover the theoretical underpinnings of creativity and examine evidence-based research, including some of the difficulties in creativity investigation. Through the seminar format, facilitate one 30-minute session to take a deeper dive into a particular aspect of creativity. Reflect through writing and connective conversation with your teaching peers. Launch a personal inquiry project exploring creativity in your own teaching. Revitalize a sense of curiosity at the core of your artistic and teaching practice. Artist Educators from all disciplines welcome.
    There is no prerequisite for this course, however, those who took the first TaCPS course will apply Action Research methods to their inquiry. An optional intro to Action Research methods/review workshop is available to those who would like to use Action Research in their inquiry but have not taken TaCPS 1, or for TaCPS alumni who would like a review. Those interested in this optional workshop must first contact Jochelle,
    This is the 2nd course in a series that is being developed, and eventually there will be prerequisite Action Research course.
    CEUs available through Loyola Marymount University
    Please email with any questions, or to inquire about tuition assistance.

    January 22-March 26 date change!
    Saturdays, 9:30am-12:30pm Pacific
    via Zoom

  • Teacher as Creative Practitioner-Scholar – Action Research methods & review – spring 2022

    An introductory/review workshop to Action Research methods for those already registered in Teaching Artist as Creative Practitioner-Scholar – Creativity.
    Please email to express interest before registering for this workshop.

    January 22
    1:30-3pm Pacific
    plus 1.5 hours midsemester, date & time tba
    via Zoom

  • Teacher as Creative Practitioner-Scholar – fall 2020

    An advanced-level online course addressing the pedagogical underpinnings that support creative and conscious teaching – reflective practice, motivation, observation, documentation, assessment, advocacy, cognition, cultural-responsiveness/anti-bias work, and more. Use action research to investigate and align your teaching practice with your values. Through a seminar platform, collaborate and connect with your creative peers. Discover ways to rekindle the curiosity and artistry at the heart of your teaching – even when you’re teaching from a distance. Coursework includes designing a semester-long inquiry project and investigating and making presentations on your specific areas of interest. Prerequisite DIDC-A or Summer Institute.  
    Please email with any questions, or to inquire about tuition assistance.

    September 12-December 19
    Saturdays, 1-4pm
    via Zoom

  • Dance & the Preschool Learning Foundations – Science – December 11, 2021


    How do the skills of basic scientific inquiry – observing, comparing and contrasting, and experimenting – relate to dance? How can young children explore the physical sciences (physics), life sciences (biology), and earth sciences through embodied movement? This interactive learning experience will investigate play-based dance activities that engage with children’s curiosity and sense of discovery, and support young learners as they ask questions and figure things out.

    Saturday, December 11, 2021
    9:30am-12pm Pacific

    via Zoom

    Free for OUSD teachers. Email to register.
    This workshop is currently full. Please email to be placed on the waitlist.


  • Practitioner Exchanges – monthly

    From: $15.00

    Practitioner Exchanges create time and space for peer educators to explore issues of practice. Get inspired! Try out new ideas or perspectives! Ask for help with your challenges, and collectively generate new ideas and solution. Each Exchange centers on a different topic. This year, Practitioner Exchanges are held online via Zoom, and will investigate different questions in regards to teaching dance from a distance. Practitioner Exchanges are facilitated by Summer Institute alumni. Come to ONE, come to ALL. No prerequisite.

    Practitioner Exchanges are included in the cost of workshops as follow-up discussions. When taken in conjunction with a half-day workshop, PD hours total 4.5-7. Explore descriptions here.

    Topics (more to be posted as new inquiry emerges)

    Re-Launching In-person Teaching
    September 23 

    Dance in Special Ed & Inclusion
    October 12

    Family Dance & Engaging Families
    November 16 4-5:30pm Pacific

    Dance & Music
    December 7

    Re-Launching In-person Teaching 2.0
    February 15

    Family Dance & Engaging Families 2.0
    April 12 4-5:30pm Pacific

    Discussing Creativity
    April 19 4-5:30pm Pacific

    Re-Launching In-Person Teaching 3.0
    May 10

    Luna Dance Institute

    $15-40 sliding scale each.
    OR pay $25 (the Professional Learning fee) and come to as many as you like for a year.
    Paid the $25? Email to let Jochelle know which ones you’ll attend.

    No one turned away for lack of funds – reach out to


  • Developing & Implementing Dance Curricula – B


    Continuing where DIDC-A leaves off, this course investigates the role of the teacher in creating, implementing and sequencing dance curricula aligned with the National Core Arts Standards using backward and forward design and embedded assessment. Participants learn a process for moving students from exploration through improvisation to composition in a manner that allows for maximum exploration, problem posing and solving, and choice making. In the process, they deepen their understanding of the elements of dance and forming. Course content includes choreographic devices, the principles of design, forms, contemporary learning theories, including constructivism. Documentation: Making Dance Learning Visible and Motivation & Creativity workshops are included in Fall 2019 DIDC-B. This course is mandatory for LDI certification. Meets college/university professional standards. Prerequisite DIDC-A or Summer Institute.

    10% Professional Discounts available for this course for Dancers’ Group/CDEA/NDEO members. 50% off for current full-time students. Please contact 510.883.1118.

    Stay tuned for 2021 dates

  • Dance in ECE Level 2


    This workshop stretches further into creating early childhood and family dance curricula that keeps you, the teaching practitioner, excited and engaged. Application of attachment and play theories, developmental neuro patterns, and embodied parent education will build upon material introduced in Dance in ECE Level 1. Prerequisite: Dance in ECE: Movement, Play & Relationships or Dance in TK.

    10% Professional Discounts available for this course for Dancers’ Group/CDEA/NDEO members. 50% off for current full-time students. Please contact 510.883.1118.

    Stay tuned for 2022 dates