Workshops & Summer Institutes

Luna’s workshops combine theory and practice in a manner that activates the imagination to create change in our communities. We believe that the best teacher education weaves together dance education pedagogy, curriculum, instructional methods, child development theory and dance content in the context of supporting the dance teacher as an artist and a human being. All of our workshops use a Constructivist and Critical Pedagogy approach. Participants are engaged through movement, writing, group dialogue, curriculum design and review, observation, and teaching practice.

Courses are offered for the range of dance educator. The LDI Foundations course of study offers curriculum and instruction through Developing & Implementing Dance Curricula-A & B, Curricular Progressions, Reflective Teacher-Reflective Student, observation and student or professional teaching practice. It is meant to provide sustained, in-depth professional development through an investigator-to-investigator relationship. View a full description of workshops.

Teachers wanting to dip their feet into pedagogy at LDI or address a particular topic can do so during our Practitioner Exchanges.

The professional dance educator can find collegiality and continuing education through our Summer Institutes and Professional Learning Communities seminars and study groups, as well as through advanced topic workshops. The Summer Institute is a 7-day intensive that supports selected participants for an entire academic year. The competitive application process runs February-April of any given year. The Advanced Summer Institute supports participating SI graduates for the length of their career is currently on an every other year track with a Dance Education Leadership Institute. Learn more by visiting the Summer Institute page or contact

Participants may receive extension credit for some PL workshops through Mills College. Please contact Jochelle for more information