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Students who complete the entire Foundation course of study (with additional requirements of student/professional teaching, curriculum design, interview/paper report or exam) may be eligible for LDI certification.

Developing & Implementing Dance Curricula-A (also named Curriculum & Instruction preK-12 Dance-A). DIDC-A is designed to offer a comprehensive overview of standards-based dance education and its function across age levels, as well as establishing a conducive environment for dance. Luna’s entry point for all teachers of dance, this first course in our 4-level foundations series covers elements of dance (both H’Doubler and Laban); structuring discrete dance lessons aligned with National Core Arts Standards; integrating dance across subject matter; human development theory infants-to-adults; observation and instructional methods. This course is mandatory for LDI certification. No prerequisite. Offered as week-long intensives July 30-August 3, 2018, 9am-5pm and July 29-August 2, 2019, 9am-5pm. Offered as a semester course September 4-November 27, 2018 on Tuesdays 6-9pm. $550. Register

Developing & Implementing Dance Curricula-B (also named Curriculum & Instruction preK-12 Dance-B). Continuing where DIDC-A leaves off, this course investigates the role of the teacher in creating, implementing and sequencing standards-based dance curricula in relevant and authentic ways. Participants learn a process for moving students from exploration through improvisation to composition in a manner that allows for maximum exploration, problem posing and solving, and choice making.  In the process, they deepen their understanding of the elements of dance and forming. Course content includes choreographic devices, the principles of design, forms, contemporary learning theories, including constructivism. This course is mandatory for LDI certification. Prerequisite DIDC-A or SI. Offered as a week-long intensive August 6-10, 2018, 9am-5pm. $550. Register

Curricular Progressions. Explore the full scope and sequence in dance learning from unit-to-unit, year-to-year. Content includes deepening skills of observation, reflection and critical thinking; action research; assessment; advocacy. Participants learn to teach choreography from phrasing to group forms, using structures and principles of design. This course is mandatory for LDI certification. Prerequisite DICDC-B. Offered as a semester course February 12-May 7, 2018, 6-9pm. $550.

Reflective Practice. Reflective Practice is a core tenet of Luna’s teaching values and is integrated into all PL workshops. It is offered in alternate years as a discrete half-day workshop. Teachers practice observing clearly, explore the art of the question, and strategize ways to engage students in reflecting on their creative process and products. Teachers are encouraged to reflect on how their curricular choices and teaching methods reflect the goals and values they hold for their students, even as they name and examine their personal assumptions about teaching, learning and dance. This course is mandatory for LDI certification. Prerequisite: any prior PL experience at LDI in the prior 3 years. Offered April 10, 6-8:30pm and October 23, 6-8:30pm. $75.  Register

Students completing the Foundations course of study are eligible for LDI certification once they have completed the observation, teaching practice and assessment requirements. See Certification for more information.


Summer Institute. Now in its 17th year, Luna’s nationally acclaimed Summer Institute offers the most extensive individualized Professional Learning for dance teaching professionals. Course content includes all found in DIDC-A and builds collegial partnerships to bring dance learning to life. 7 full days in summer, mid-year reunion meeting, year-long coaching and final Gallery Walk are required components. Offered at no cost to 12 individuals through a competitive application process.

Advanced SI/Leadership Institute. SI alumni who have completed DIDC-B have the opportunity to dive into new levels of responsibility, collegiality, mentoring, program design or more. LDI coaches owrk with each participant individually, throughout the year, incorporating emergent common themes into a 4-day seminar held alternate years (12-18 month process). Offered at no cost to 6 participants selected through a competitive application process. Offered every 2-3 years.

Family Dance Institute provides time and space to investigate the relationship-building capacity of dance. Social justice workers, early education teachers, therapists, dance teachers and parents study attachment and play theories, neuroscience and early movement patterns and explore how to create engaging dance curriculum to build trust and connection. No prerequisite. August 6-9, 2019, 9am-5pm.

Dance & The Brain Mini-Conference. Explore the confluence of play, movement and relationships, and its effect on creativity and well-being in this unique symposium. Neuroscience supports the importance of connections and movement to development and learning. Research on creativity reveals “surprise” findings that align with the benefits of dance education, high correlations between creativity and collaboration, empathy and self-efficacy. Day-length event includes movement workshops, speakers, breakout sessions. Offered regularly every 2-3 years.

Dance Education Forum. This community roundtable brings together artists and educators to discuss and share the promises and pitfalls of creating, developing and sustaining high quality dance education practices. Forum themes emerge based on current issues in dance education. Join local artists, educators and social justice leaders in this year’s discussion about race, power and privilege in dance, and how we can make our teaching more inclusive and equitable. Offered every other year.


Continuing education is offered at Luna through Professional Learning Community activities such as Practitioner Exchanges as well as through topic seminars or advanced workshops. These half- and full-day workshops are taught by Luna Professional Learning faculty and/or guest experts and are open to those who have studied at Luna and those who are new to us as indicated.  Prerequisites and cost vary depending on nature of inquiry. Extension Credits are available for many Luna courses through Mills College’s Dance and Education Departments for a fee. Pre-registration required for all offerings.

Early Childhood & Family Dance Workshops

Dance in TK. Both early literacy and early numeracy deal with relationships – and relationships can be explored creatively and playfully through movement. Learn how dance reinforces transitional kindergarten curricular objectives in developmentally-appropriate ways. No prerequisite. September 30, 1-5pm. $125 

Dance in Early Childhood Education (ECE): Movement, Play & Relationships. This Level 1 full-day workshop explores the use of creative dance and movement in early childhood and family settings. Participants learn to extend spontaneous dance experiences, facilitate parent-child interactions using dance, integrate dance into emergent curriculum, activate circle time and create stand-alone dance lessons. No prerequisite. December 2, 9:30am-4:30pm, $175 Register

Dance in Early Childhood Education (ECE) Level 2. This full-day workshop plunges deeper into creating early childhood and family dance curricula that keeps you, the teaching practitioner, excited and engaged. Application of attachment and play theories, developmental neuro patterns, and embodied parent education will build upon material introduced in Dance in ECE Level 1. Prerequisite: Dance in ECE: Movement, Play & Relationships. March 3, 9:30am-4:30pm. $175 Register

Equity & Inclusion Workshops

Dance & Disability Guest Workshop: Pamela Wolfberg & Suzanna Curtis – Autism, Play & Socialization with Peers. Accessing the joy and benefits of inclusive play poses unique challenges for children on the autism spectrum. This half-day workshop introduces the Integrated Play Groups® (IPG) model, an evidence-based practice for guiding children on the autism spectrum to participate with neuro-typical peers in mutually engaging social and imaginary play experiences. Fostering opportunities for socialization and creative expression in the culture of play with peers will be highlighted. Considering that what supports a child with autism supports all children, this workshop is for all educators hoping to improve their inclusive practices. No prerequisite. September 22, 12-3pm. $110. 

Motivation: Examining the Line between Motivation & Manipulation. This half-day workshop investigates human motivation vis-à-vis dance learning. Through a critical pedagogy lens, we will examine intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and their capacity for culturally relevant dance instruction. Discussions on self-determination theory will be complemented by opportunities for hands-on practice adapting curriculum and instruction to support student autonomy, confidence, and meaning-making. No prerequisite. Rescheduled for December 9, 1-5pm. $125 Register

Change Agents: Sustaining A Career Workshops

Spring Guest Workshop: Peggy Hackney – Discover Your Articulate Body. Explore how Bartenieff Fundamentals and breath phrasing can support accessing your core, finding more ease and efficiency in self-expression, tapping creative resources to avoid burnout and injury, and lead to effective and empathetic communication. Celebrated Laban Movement Analyst Peggy Hackney teaches this introductory workshop. No prerequisite. February 3, 1-5pm. $125 Register

Take Your Practice to the Next Level: Advocating for What You Need. This half-day workshop combines shorter workshops offered in the past: Communicating the Value of Dance; Proposal Writing; and Advocacy & Action. Working on multiple levels, participants explore advocating for resources; expanding programs to new audiences; and/or creating new policies. Hands-on activities will help you articulate audiences, create communications in multiple media, and develop strong messages to move your dance program forward. Designed for teaching practitioner as change agent. No prerequisite. May 12, 1:30-5pm. $125 (please note this change in time from the PL Course Catalog). Register


Past Workshops (may be offered again):

  • Action Research and the Dance Practitioner
  • American Sign Language & Dance (guest facilitator)
  • Attachment Theory (guest facilitators)
  • Authentic Assessment
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Critical Pedagogy and Dance
  • Dance & the Common Core
  • Dance as Arts Integration
  • Exploring the element of Time through “The Break”
  • Motif Notation
  • Proposal Writing
  • Strategic Planning for Dance Education
  • Teaching Community through Improvisation
  • The Relationship between Technique and Creative Dance

Class size is limited for all sessions and teachers are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Fees are payable in advance. Financial assistance may be provided through employer schools and organizations, community foundations who support teacher learning (Google “professional development scholarships for teachers”), or through alliance with Luna’s program models.

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