What parents are saying

Posted on 10/17/13

“We really appreciate everything and our daughter has totally blossomed as a dancer with her teacher in the short time that she has been taking dance.  Luna is her first dance experience, and it’s been absolutely great.  She has clearly developed more confidence in dance movement and physical creative expression.  She really loves dance class so much and is excited to continue!”

- Parent of a dancer in the 5-7 year old Creative Dance Improvisation class

“I don’t even know how to articulate this to its fullest what I witnessed in your studio. I saw magic. I saw brilliancy.

I was watching the dance comp group rehearse and I was so impressed that they were going through their piece like real dancers– marking, discussing, connecting… I marveled at the beauty of having a shared experience through dance.

During their performance, I was captivated! I wanted to watch it full screen– not missing a single performer–each dancer was just as important to the dance. I was blown away by their performance ability! They lit up the stage with energy and commitment to their movements. They were true performers! Whoop! My dancer heart was singing.

Thank you so much for guiding and shaping their movement. Thanks for leading a class that is filled with so much learning.

I would like to see this dance again! Oh the fleeting nature of dance….”

- Parent of a Modern Dance Composition dancer, reflecting on a winter informal performance