Twitter Moves

TwitterMoves is a daily dose of dance provided on Luna’s twitter account. Follow us at, use and retweet as you feel inspired. Let us know how you end up using them in your classroom on our facebook page or email Here are examples of how others have used them:

Alisa uses them in her Middle School Special Day classes. As part of their Life Skills curriculum, Special Day teachers have the students look up the twitter move of the day and print it out. One student writes it on the board and all students read and interpret together. They “do” the TM which may extend into a longer warm-up. At the end of the week, they vote on their favorite and email to the dance teacher who then incorporates it into her lesson of the week.


TM316: Steal 3 movements you admire.  Recycle them into something new. 

This could be a simple ice-breaker…students look out the window and find movements from nature, OR it could be part of an improvisation activity for “very trained” dancers who take movements from a routine they’ve learned OR students could create-in-action, improvising around the space and then steal and recycle immediately.


TM297: Gratitude dance. Explore mvts that acknowledge, open, accept, yield, rebound, push. Vary size, place, tempo, duration, order. 

A choreographer who feels “stuck” might go into the studio and play around with this as a warm-up.  OR, one might turn this into a full blown lesson as follows:



Warm-up:  In a circle, play with Open-Close, core-distal movement

Exploration #1: Students move around the room as teacher gives these prompts with these modifiers

Open-Close Movement Open part-way, all the wayOpen slowly, close fast; switchOpen horizontally, vertically, sagitally

Open with free flow, close with bound flow; switch

Push-Pull Movement Push with different body parts around the room; repeat w/ pullPush things that are light, medium and heavy; repeat w/ pullPush things up, down, in front, behind, to the side; repeat w/ pull
Resist-Yield Movement Imagine you are pushed, pressed down & resistRepeat but yieldTry being pushed, pressed down with light things, heavy things

Start with strong resistance and gradually yield, reverse

Rebound Imagine your elbows have elastic bands, stretch & rebound them from ceilingRepeat with hands, feet, knees, hips, top of headBounce around the room, play with rebounding your hips

Push off the floor, walls & rebound different places in the room

Vary the size of the rebound

Vary the force of the rebound

Reflect: What happened to the distance of the rebound? How do different ways of using force effect the emotionality of your dance.

Exploration #2: Stand across from a partner. One person gives an imaginary gift to the other. The other person accepts it and acknowledges it. [Insert: what does it mean to acknowledge and how does that look?]. The second person then gives the gift. Keep switching, changing the size and imaginary weight of the object each time.

Improvisation: Individually. Go back to what your body did when you accept a gift.  Exaggerate that movement, making it bigger, smaller, faster, slower. Recall what your body did when you acknowledged the gift. Exaggerate that movement, put it in different body parts, make it bigger, smaller, faster, slower, take up a lot of space, travel through space.

Composition: Create a short movement phrase using any of the material you explored in this lesson. The dance must begin or end with an acknowledgement.

Show dances.

Reflect. Audience-Ask what did you see? Choreographer-How did you choose which movements to use? All-what did this dance have to do with gratitude?