Teen Choreography Workshop-Summer Camp

A Day In the Life of Teen Choreography Workshop

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Luna’s Teen Choreography Workshop is a unique experience for teens where dancers of all levels and backgrounds come together in a week-long intensive to explore making choreography.

The morning session begins with an ice-breaker where teens get acquainted through fun games. After this, teachers guide dancers through an energizing improvisation activity to wake up the body, build community, and prepare dancers for a full day of dance learning.

Teens love to dance and listen to favorite music, so dancers are encouraged to bring music for our upbeat warm-up. In improvisation class we explore elements of dance, such as energy and time, and focus on movement invention. After a break, teens partake in a dance lesson focused on creativity and phrase-making right before lunch.

During lunch dancers are free to explore the Aquatic Park neighborhood with new dance friends.  They can go outside, walk to Fourth Street shopping center, or to the park for a picnic.

After lunch dancers learn a teacher-directed score.  Our last movement class of the day may involve props or costumes, and eventually focuses on composition and rehearsal time for the full-length dance piece that teens choreograph.

We close our day by viewing professional dance video, discussing the choreographic devices we noticed, and charting ideas for the group composition that will be showcased at the end of the week for families and friends.

Teen Choreography Workshop is a fun and educational experience. Check out these testimonials!

Making new friends was a highlight.  We made some fun, silly memories together.  I liked the dance improvisation games that kicked off the morning. I was able to use my imagination in creating solos and when working with others, I created little stories to remember how to sequence the dance together. The camp has made dance more special to me because it gave me new dance ideas that I use now when choreographing.

–Amada, 13 years

At the Teen Choreography Workshop, I get to use my dance skills in a refreshing way. Instead of learning technique or combinations, we learn how to compose interesting and creative dances. We do super fun activities, like dancing with chopsticks, and learn how to express ourselves through movement. I always have a ton of fun when I go, and apply what I learn at camp to my other dance classes!

-Taryn, 16 


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