Studio Lab

studio-lab-15At Luna’s Studio Lab – an after-school program for children ages 5 to 17 – every child and young adult develops their ‘whole body intelligence’ through composition dance-learning.

Students begin with the simple exploration of dance concepts. As they progress through the composition-based curriculum, they accumulate skills and learn to build full choreographic works that explore solo, duet, trio, quartet and group forms in a rigorous way. Luna’s unique approach to teaching dance is informed by a deep understanding of the creative process, sound principles of child development, and knowledge of how children construct their own definitions of themselves, others and the world.

Dance involves risk and playfulness. All Creative Dance and Modern Dance classes provide safe yet challenging opportunities for students to discover, invent, perform and respond, learning to create dances through active participation, guided discovery and critical reflection.

View our current schedule for school-age children.

Recognized as experts in early childhood, Luna also offers a mini progression of classes for children aged 0-4 that includes parent-child classes for infants, waddlers and toddlers, and Creative Dance for three and four year olds. Discover more about this early childhood progression here.

View our current schedule for dance in early childhood (0-5yrs).

Curious about what our Studio Lab classes are like? Check out our videos below.