Pebble in the Pond: Teachers Creating Change

In our 25 years, Luna has worked with hundreds of teachers who we’re now proud to say are teaching all around the globe. From Emily Blossom to Jakey Toor, our Professional Learning community members are collectively and cumulatively teaching tens of thousands of children. Starting in 2017 we will share their stories, one each week, about how they continue to positively impact the dance education field, the future, the world.

Please click on each name, rather than the image, to read their stories.


Annika Nonhebel Presley holding hands Rebecca Prather  Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 8.49.28 AM  Red Chair Blue Dress - Close Up (July 2015)

Annika Nonhebel Presley


Emily Blossom

Rebecca Prather

Christina Ayala

 Jakey Toor

 IMG_3875 rebecca-daly-mezzocchi  IMG_6542  Rosemary Hannon  cindyfacilitatingatschooltour

 Ruth Torres Walker


Rebecca Daly Mezzocchi

 Paula Mitchell

 Rosemary Hannon

 Cindy Chan

IMG_1370  IMG_0663  Sonja Travick  VGutwirth photo  Tom Mayock dancing

Laura Richey


 Tamara Irving

 Sonja Travick

Valerie Gutwirth

 Tom Mayock

 Erica Rose Jeffrey  Room to Bloom 062 copy  M.K. Victorson  Bonnie_Lewkowicz_photo_by_Gregory_Bartning_006  Meg Glaser Terán

Erica Rose Jeffrey


Rossana Alves

M.K. Victorson

Bonnie Lewkowicz

Meg Glaser Terán