Professional Learning Communities

Dance educators typically belong to multiple professional learning communities (PLCs). There is our dance community, wherein we study, teach, rehearse, perform, direct and are directed by an ongoing flow of artist peers. We also belong to the school or organization in which we teach, though sometimes the dance teaching artist is not invited to the table. Sometimes it is a struggle to make ourselves and our work visible.

Professional dance educators need collegial support to engage in the wide worlds of art and education. Recognizing that dance teachers come from everywhere and often work in multiple venues isolated from peers, Luna offers multiple ways for colleagues to connect, share, study, learn, inquire and inspire peers in a Professional Learning Community of dance educators. Continuing education workshops and seminars, Practitioner Exchanges & Issues of Practice, and inquiry study groups serve as a nexus for professional collaboration. Happy Hours, forums and other gatherings convene professionals around shared topics. While initially Luna faculty establishes topics and facilitates these activities, ultimately the topics offered and ideas generated emerge from the interests and leadership of the PLC itself.

PLCs are formed organically during the Luna’s Summer Institutes and semester-length Foundations courses. The trust that is built over the span of that intense study allows colleagues to form bonds with prior strangers. Follow-up services are integrated into the activities of the PLC so that artists can continue to support and learn from one another for years to come.

Past PLC activities have addressed topics such as Dance in Physical Education, Secondary Teaching cohort, Early Childhood curriculum shares, documenting dance learning, the “business” of teaching dance, classroom management and advocacy. This year Luna will be open to PLCs every Tuesday through library, consultation, Practitioner Exchanges and more. See our Tuesday PLC offerings and our online catalog & calendar for more information.