Summer Camps

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  • Luna Kids Dance Camp for 6-11 year olds


    LKD camps offer 6-11 year olds an opportunity to sink into their identities as dynamic dance makers and build community with their new dance friends. Creative dance lessons, solo and group choreography, nature walks and outdoor improvisation, costume and prop play, icebreaker games, and lunch at the park comprise the rhythm of their day. No prerequisite.

    Session 1 (6-8 years): July 1 – 3, 9am-1:30pm (3 days)

    Learn about all the ways you can tell stories and weave spells through dance! We will study dance concepts that include magnetism, gravity, and counterbalance. Pulling from the famous dancing wizard, Rudolf Laban, campers will create dances using secret symbols. They will explore improvisation and choreography. By the end of the week campers will be dancing sorcerers moving through space, time and energy!


    Session 2 (8-11 years): July 8 – 12, 9am-3:30pm (5 days)

    Have you ever wondered how to make dances outside, on a jungle gym, or off the dance floor? In this fun dance camp, students will engage in the art of making site-specific dances. While gaining dance skills and new vocabulary, campers will apply their learning to creating dances in different sites located inside and outside of the dance studio.

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  • Mini Dance Camp for 5-7 year olds


    Imagination-filled half-day camps for children 5-7 offer a chance for deep exploratory play through dance. A camp day typically includes two creative dance lessons, movement improvisation games, park play and snacks with friends, and time for reflection through dance-inspired collage-making. Children must have completed TK or kindergarten to participate.

    Session 1: June 17 – 21, 9am-12pm (5 days)
    Sold out, space still available for Session II

    Campers will become more acquainted with the natural world and environment through dance. Participants will make dances about water, earth, air and fire using dance vocabulary. Dancers will participate in outdoor nature walks and apply their knowledge of the four elements to their dance-making.


    Session 2: June 24 – 28, 9am-12pm (5 days)

    In this camp, dancers will dig into the many facets of our natural world through dance. Campers will explore animal studies, terrains, bodies of water, and plants that make up our world while gaining dance vocabulary and skills to create their own dances.

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  • Teen Choreography Workshops for 11-17 year olds


    Dancers aged 11-17 come together to learn the art of choreography during full-day camps. Camp themes provide a source of inspiration for their solo, duet, and group pieces. Dancers are supported in developing their aesthetic qualities and expressive storytelling voices as they make dances meaningful to them.  No prerequisite. Camp is open to new & experienced learners of dance.

    Session 1: July 15 – 19, 10am-5pm (5 days)

    What is the relationship between dance and music?

    Tweens and Teens explore all types of choreographic devices through musicality and the dance element of time. Dancers will create original dances to their own musical choices and will be introduced to all types of music to experiment with dance-making. Make new friends, exchange ideas, collaborate, and learn all about the art of choreography.


    Session 2: July 22 – 26, 10am-5pm (5 days)

    Tweens and Teens explore themes of social justice and how they apply to making choreography. Dancers will learn more about activist inspired dance – who the choreographers are and their intentions behind making art. While looking at social justice themes from the past, dancers will investigate current topics, and create socially relevant dances for the present.

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