Practitioner Exchanges

Practitioner Exchanges create time and space for peer educators to explore issues of practice. Get inspired! Try out new ideas or perspectives! Ask for help with your challenges. Each month centers on a different topic. This year, Practitioner Exchanges are paired with workshop offerings as an opportunity to integrate and revisit information throughout the year. Practitioner Exchanges are soft facilitated by Summer Institute alumni and veteran dance teachers experienced in the topic addressed. Come to ONE, come to ALL. No prerequisite.

When taken in conjunction with a half-day workshop, PD hours total 4.5.

Held the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 4:30-6pm. RSVP. $15-40 sliding scale. Free of charge for registered Professional Learning Users (those who have paid the annual $25 fee).


October 11, 2016 Advocacy, Politics & Policy

November 8, 2016 Dance throughout the Curriculum

December 10, 2016 Dance in Middle & High School

January 10, 2017 Enliven Dance in ECE

February 14, 2017 Embodied Parent Education

March 14, 2017 Disability Awareness & Inclusion Practices

April 11, 2017 Dance as Community Building

May 9, 2017 Cross-cultural Dance


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Luna’s workshops, Practitioner Exchanges, and activities are designed for continued study that can deepen over the year, and over your career. This year many of our offerings are aligned with particular themes, and you can follow their threads from an initial course to a follow-up workshop to a Practitioner Exchange, where you can share successes and challenges, and brainstorm new ideas.

Luna’s Foundations Series of DIDC-A, DIDC-B, Curricular Progressions and Reflective Practice can be applied to each of these thematic threads.

2016-17 Popular Pairing Themes:


Dance & Disability Workshop: Keeping the Bar High

Dance & Disability Discourse & Panel

Equity in Dance Panel

Practitioner Exchange: Disability Awareness & Inclusion Practices


Dance in TK Workshop

Dance in ECE: Movement, Play & Relationships Workshop

Practitioner Exchange: Enliven Dance in ECE

Practitioner Exchange: Embodied Parent Education

Dance in ECE Level 2 Workshop

Family Dance Institute


Common Core Workshop

Dance as Arts Integration Workshop

Dance in TK Workshop

Practitioner Exchange: Dance throughout the Curriculum

How to Communicate the Value of Dance Workshop

Practitioner Exchange: Dance in Middle School & High School

Teaching Community through Improvisation Workshop

Spring Guest Workshop: Barbara Mettler Studios

Practitioner Exchange: Dance as Community Building

Practitioner Exchange: Cross-cultural Dance