Meg Glaser Teran

Posted on 12/09/13

meg glaserMeg Glaser Terán is a dance-teaching artist currently working with The Wooden Floor (TWF), All the Ars for All the Kids, and VSA California.  She uses the Create, Perform and Respond framework, developing awareness of each student’s unique contribution to the class community.  Meg worked with Luna’s Building Cultures of Dance Initiative to develop three family dance programs in collaboration with TWF, the Migrant Education program of Anaheim City School District, and Active Learning.  As a dancer, Meg has worked with choreographers Beth Burns, Gina Angelique, Shyamala Moorty, heather Gillette, Belinda Cheng, Cheryl Banks-Smith, Victoria Marks, MelanieRios Glaser and Sarah Swenson.  A bilingual educator, she previously taught second and third grade for eight years.  In 2010, Meg was awarded Elementary Dance Educator of the Year from the Orange County Music and Arts Administrators.  She holds a BA in World Arts and Cultures from UCLA and an MA in Education from Chapman University.



“Success and failure are both fleeting and the work of our lives is not defined by either one.” 

Last year at this time, I contemplated leaving the field of dance education because I was not earning enough to support the family. This year, I am working 5-6 days each week teaching dance without a perception of scarcity any more. At each place I work I feel respected and fairly compensated, something I want every woman to experience in her work. When we met with Vicky LaBoskey at the 3-day summit, she [helped us see] the journey of becoming the educator/leader/artist that we envision; and that we don’t have to get off the road because we can’t be that educator/leader/artist right exactly now. It was enlightening to see that all of those years in the classroom and all of the dance learning of my students were essential to the journey toward providing the education that I believe all students deserve. I’m not there yet, but while before I was ashamed to be so far from my vision; now I am proud to be working, sweating, dreaming, reflecting urging myself and my students to keep going as I find my way on the path.