Articles on Dance Education by Luna Faculty

Teaching Partnership, Discovering Empathy by Deborah Karp, InDance March 2018

Using Inquiry to Improve Your Teaching Practice by Patricia Reedy, Dance Education In Practice January 2018

Dance Educators Create Systemic Change by Cherie Hill, InDance November 2017

Unifying Dance & Relationship Through MPACT by Cherie Hill & Nancy Ng, Dance Education In Practice July 2017

Create, Reflect, Advocate, Repeat by Jochelle Perena, InDance June 2017

TADA! Educators Change the Future of California Dance by Nancy Ng, InDance December 2016

Ten Tips on How to Engage with Parents in Parent-Child Classes by Jochelle Perena, InDance July/August 2016

Choreofund: A Work in Progress by Patricia Reedy, InDance March 2016

Moving Internationally: A Creative and Cultural Journey by Nia Womack-Freeman, InDance November 2015

Creating & Revising by Patricia Reedy, InDance July/August 2015

Teaching & Choreographing: Mutually Beneficial Acts by Patricia Reedy in conversation with Deborah Karp, InDance May 2015

Reflections: What a Difference a Dance Conference Can Make by Patricia Reedy, InDance Jan/Feb 2015

Defining Creativity and Technique by Patricia Reedy, InDance November 2014

Leaving an Imprint: The Necessity of Dancers for Livelihood by Nancy Ng, InDance July/August 2014

Finding Creative Action in the Teaching World by Patricia Reedy, InDance May 2014

Making the Worst Dance Possible: Finding the Good in “Bad” Dances by Jochelle Perena, InDance April 2014

Universal Design for Learning: Why Does it Matter to Dance Teaching? by Patrica Reedy, InDance October 2013

Teaching In A Wild Triangle by Patricia Reedy, InDance June 2013

Back and Forth and Dancing Mom by Patricia Reedy and Erin Lally, InDance March 2013

Creative Movement and the African Aesthetic by Cherie Hill, InDance November 2012

The First Steps:  Luna Dance Institute, article on Waddlers & Toddlers (children 0-3) by Patricia Reedy,  InDance May 2012

Teaching Honestly, Teaching Fearlessly by Patricia Reedy, InDance March 2012

How Many Sets of Fingerprints Does it Take to Make a Dance Program, by Patricia Reedy, InDance November 2011

The Growing Season: Continuing Classes for Educators by Patricia Reedy, InDance May 2011

Reflections on Inclusion in Middle School by Alisa Rasera, InDance October 2010

Top Marks in Performance: Why New Highland Academy’s curriculum works by Patricia Reedy, InDance July 2010

Creating a New Focus: Dance Education Reform by Danae Rees, In Dance April 2010

Partnerships Across Borders: An Australian Artist Joins Colleagues in the UK  by Danae Rees, InDance March 2010

Building a Culture: An International Perspective by Danae Rees, InDance January 2010