Luna Kids Dance Changes Name

Posted on 08/18/10

Luna Kids Dance Changes Name
16 August 2010, Berkeley CA

Luna Kids Dance and its professional development wing, the California Institute for Dance Learning have merged into one unifying brand, Luna Dance Institute.

Luna is a young woman now—18 years old. Our current staff and board are strong. Success over the next ten years requires increasing our capacity to do the work by developing staff and board leadership and finding a long-term lease to create a community space of our own.

Our mission of bringing all children to dance is best realized through our deep and broad professional education work; thus, two years ago we decided to place that work at the center of all we do. The California Institute of Dance Learning (CIDL) was re-defined as the pedagogy engine of Luna Kids Dance where theory and inquiry evolve and then is test-driven through our Model Programs (Studio Lab, School & Community Alliances and MPACT-Moving Parents and Children Together). We focused on establishing an articulated loop between the field testing of our theories through action research and reintegration into the core.

After working with this model for a year and working with public relations firm Nancy Quinn Associates, we are joining the CIDL and its Model Programs under one unifying “brand” called Luna Dance Institute. We will continue with the structure of the pedagogy engine driving practice through continually evolving theory—but we will cease operating under two separate names. With a more grown up name, we are freed up to focus our efforts on getting smarter about dance education content and finding the most effective means of sharing that knowledge with all those who teach children