Funders 2017-18

Luna Dance Institute is funded through fees for services and contributed revenue. To assure that all can access resources for dance learning, Luna raises funds through private and public grants and individual cash donations.

Alameda County Arts Commission  NEA clifbarfamily

IF YOU’D LIKE TO SUPPORT LUNA, PLEASE CONSIDER A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONClick here for a list of businesses & individuals who have provided in-kind donations.

Current Funders
Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for supporting Luna’s programs and efforts to bring all children to dance.  These individuals have contributed to our campaign so far this year…please stay tuned for weekly additions.

Anonymous (1)
Robert Archibald
Yvonne Arnold
Beverlee Blair
Robert & Deborah Bonkowski
Janis Burger
Susan Caliri
Kimberly Canigiula
Jon Casazza
Patricia Cohen
Kay Conneely
Kathryn Cunnyngham
Patricia Curtis
Margaret De Coursey
Teresa Derichsweiler
Clara DiBona
Ben Fabry
Norman & Pamela Fobert
Barbara & Paul Foster
Jennifer Gong
Edward Haggerty & Kristine Halverson
Wayne Hazzard
Molly Heth
Amy Levine
Evangel King
Joyce Lindenbaum
Lynn MacDonald
Laura & Robert Mazzadra
Bruce McPherson
Marilyn Merlino
Chris Murchison
Denise Murphy
Denise Oldham
Carol Opheim
Elizabeth Ozol
Albertina Padilla
Carlos & Carrie Pedraza
Phil Porter
Amanda Possel
Patricia Possel
Bhavani Radhakrishnan
Sharon Robb
Erin Sacks
Sara Sanderson
Heidi Sawicki
Stephen & Stephanie Sawicki
Helene & Edward Scheff
Judith Schumacher-Jennings
Gillian Servais
Nedra Shawler
Belinda Taylor
Susan Taylor
Margaret Teran
Ellen Uyenco
Beany Wezelman
Adrienne Wong 





Crescent Moon Circle
Claire & David de Andrade
Jane Bassett-Rosario
Sara Byruck
Carol & Ray Ellis
Sharon Olson
Lia Shigemura & Helen Zia
Paul & Patricia Snyder
Annie So
Celena Turney
Full Moon Circle
Teresa Geimer
Hilary Grimstvedt
Harvest Moon Circle
Barbara Bernardo
William Issel & Mary Claire Heffron
Nancy Ng


Blue Moon Circle
Jeffrey & Karen Banks



Lunitidal Circle

Nancy Geimer & Chris Vance
Janice Weingrod


Lunar Eclipse Circle

Meri Issel & Patricia Reedy


Circle of Tides



Periluna Circle
($50,000 + up)




*We apologize in advance for any inadvertent omissions.

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