Embodied Parent Education

embodied-parent-15Human beings develop in relationship to a primary caregiver. From the earliest moment touch, sight, gesture, imitation, movement action and movement response create an attachment from which all learning occurs.

MPACT’s relationship-based curriculum allows children to engage with their parents by revisiting early somatic developmental patterns. This provides opportunities for parent learning and “knowing” in an organic educational process that mirrors the first two years of life—essential for developing strong bonds.

Families report that MPACT classes help them to see and appreciate their children in a new light, to gain confidence in their ability to respond to their child in motion, and to develop empathy as they discover their own playful child within.

Embodied parent education is inherent in all MPACT parent-child dance classes. Luna Dance Institute also offers short series of stand-alone embodied parent education classes wherein parents explore the early developmental patterns shaped by Irmgard Bartenieff and Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen in a safe, supportive environment without their children present. In tandem, stand-alone Embodied Parent Education and MPACT parent-child dance classes have proven to accelerate the bonds built through relationship-based dance curriculum.

Social service workers seeking to refer parents to library classes may contact dkarp@lunadanceinstitute.org to request flyers in English, Spanish and Chinese. Those seeking to hire Luna to teach a series of Embodied Parent Education and MPACT classes at your site may contact nng@lunadanceinstitute.org.