Dance In TK

Dance in TK is situated

  • In the classroom daily routines and transitions
  • Supporting community building: partner and whole group activities
  • As multi-literacy, “dance time” taught by dance teaching artist or classroom teacher
  • During free play, initiated by student/recognized and supported by teacher




About Dance in ECE White Paper by Patricia Reedy, Luna Dance Institute

Brain Dance Benefits

Brain Dance Creative Class 4-5 year olds

Brain Dance Nursery Rhymes

Locomotors, Axials, Shapes

Transitional Kindergarten Guide – CA Dept of Ed

California Preschool Foundations

“On Early Education: A Conversation with Barbara Day” Education Leadership 1986

“The Use of Dance/Movement Therapy in a Preschool Curriculum: Enhancing Kindergarten Readiness Skills” by Lynda Perez-Venero Naimoli



Follow up with more inquiry and learning at:

Dance in ECE: Movement, Play & Relationships Workshop – December 2, 2017

Agency & Power in Early Childhood Practitioner Exchange – February 13, 2018 included in Dance in TK workshop costs

Early Childhood Curriculum Curriculum Practitioner Exchange – May 8, 2018 included in Dance in TK workshop costs