Coming up: Dance in ECE Level 2 Workshop

Posted on 02/13/18

Are you a practicing teacher of young children? Have you been exploring ways to include dance in your early childhood teaching?

Join us for Dance in ECE Level 2, a full-day workshop as we investigate the ins & outs of sharing dance with young children. We’ll refresh & deepen your understanding of the developmental, neurocellular, and play theories introduced in Dance in ECE Level 1, and address issues of the practitioner – what’s really happening & coming up for you as you are teaching. This workshop also will give you an opportunity to expand on ideas you’ve already tried, and reflect on how to improve dance activities that did not turn out quite as you expected. Build activities into curricular units, and engage parents & families in the learning through play.

Saturday, March 3
Mills College

Prerequisite: Dance in ECE Level 1

More info & registration here.