Dance Education Forum: Focus on Equity 2018 – follow up & resources

Thank you to all who joined us for a rich and thoughtful conversation February 24th. We welcomed dancers, educators, activists, and leaders from multiple arenas of our diverse Bay Area dance scene, and were able to share the conversation via livefeed with our colleagues nationwide.

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Big questions addressed during the discussion

What is equity? What is equity in dance?

Who are the gatekeepers to power in higher education & institutions? How can they join in these conversations?

How is equity being addressed in higher education, foundations & institutions?

What would happen if we created alternate systems focusing on arts, education and equity, rather than fighting for approval and acceptance from those already in power?

Often when we talk about power, we talk about the flow of money. What if we also consider the flow of relationships as having power & value?

What strategies can I use as a teacher to share power with and give power to my students?

What is my role & responsibility as a dance maker in addressing equity?

How do I access my creative power & what do I do with it?


Resources shared by forum participants

Choreographers & companies addressing issues of equity & shifting perspectives about who can dance

AXIS Dance Company

NAKA Dance Theatre

Wax Poet(s)

Topsy Turvy Queer Circus

Black Choreographers Festival

Bandelion and Dandelion Dance Theater


Classes & workshops

AXIS Dance Company monthly dance jams (next one is March 12) and Summer Intensive & Teacher Training

Inclusive Dance Partnering Master Class with Eric Kupers, March 10, 2018


Upcoming conversations addressing equity in dance

East Bay Dance Summit March 9, 2-5pm, Bandaloop Studio

Practitioner Exchange on Cross-cultural Dance: Access, Privilege & Equity, April 10, 4:30-6pm Luna Dance Institute


Other resources

“Learning to Queer Text: Epiphanies from a Family Critical Literary Practice” by Nicola McClung

Tammy Johnson, Art/Work Practice

Teaching Tolerance

Raising Race Conscious Children

Embrace Race

Teaching for Change

YBCA Equity Fellows

“Ignorance is the Enemy Within,” letter addressing disability ignorance by Ford Foundation CEO Darren Walker

“Why Disability Rights are Central to Social Justice Work – and What We’re Doing About It” by Noorain Kahn

Latinx Theatre Commons

Latinx Theatre Commons Convening Report

The Future of Physically Integrated Dance in the USA, AXIS Dance Company

AXIS Dance Company Resources on Inclusive Dance

AXIS Dance Company Bibliography Page on Inclusive Dance

Please feel free to share other resources by emailing Jochelle or by posting on Luna’s facebook page.