Creative Dance, Improvisation, & Choreography

creative-modern-15Classes at Luna are sequenced in a progression that allows for dance challenges appropriate to each student’s developmental level and dance experience. Luna’s exceptional teachers provide a safe structure and freedom for young dancers to explore and improvise with the elements of dance: the body, moving in space through time and with energy as they learn to choreograph their own works. Building performance and audience skills are a part of every class. Learning dance at Luna provides a complete dance education. Classes are designed to be repeated for three to six sessions before students advance to the next level. Click here for current schedule.

Creative Dance Improvisation (5-7 year olds)
Children up to age 7 expand range of motion, body articulation, and locomotion as children learn how to put movements together, solve simple movement problems, and come to understand that dance-making can be about the expressions of  feelings or ideas. They increase their knowledge of spatial concepts (line, path, level, and focus) and explore energy concepts. No prerequisite.
Creative Dance for 4 year olds is an opportunity for children to master the power of their movement in fun, playful ways. Many children begin here and continue on to Creative Dance Improvisation, Improv + Dance Fundamentals, and Improv + Composition. For descriptions of dance in Early Childhood, click here.

Improv + Dance Fundamentals (7-12 year olds)
Formerly known as Modern Dance Improvisation (MDI), Improv + Dance Fundamentals supports dancers in exploring the elements of energy, space and time in depth as they learn body mechanics, gain strength and flexibility, and increase range of motion and coordination. Dance fundamentals are developed in the context of serving expressive ideas. Movement invention is stressed as dancers develop phrases, making choices within a score and synthesizing their life experiences into movement. No prerequisite.

Improv + Composition / Choreography + Performance 1, 2, 3 (8-13 year olds)
Formerly know as Modern Dance Composition, Improv + Composition/Choreography + Performance allow dancers to explore choreography with increasing depth and breadth. They learn to consciously manipulate the elements of dance for their compositions, particularly using weight, line, balance and energy actions. Dance technique is learned to provide the skills necessary to execute their dance creations. Students learn to describe and relate their dance experiences to the world using expanded dance vocabulary and terminology.

Improv + Composition Level 1
Student work emphasizes developing phrases, committing to an idea and teaching works to peers. Curriculum also includes memorizing sequences, developing performing skills and rhythmic development. Prerequisite: 3 or more semesters of Creative Dance Improvisation or Improv + Dance Fundamentals.

Choreography + Performance Level 2
Students make longer dance phrases and learn the difference between various choreographic forms and structures, such as what makes something a duet and not just two people dancing together. They deepen their use of choreographic devices and integrate editing skills. At this level, their own “choreographic voice” is becoming apparent and they learn to situate and perform their work for the audience. Prerequisite: Improv + Composition and permission of instructor.

Choreography + Performance Level 3
Students deepen their knowledge of group forms to create full dances. Upon completing two years at Level 3, students will have the confidence to create and perform solos, duets and small group works, and will have begun a portfolio of such work. Dancers will be able to demonstrate full commitment to performance for a variety of audiences with a sophisticated understanding of body mechanics. They will be skilled at directing others and being directed, and will be able to articulate their creative process through Q&A audience sessions. Prerequisite: Improv + Composition, Choreography + Performance L2, and permission of instructor.

Note:  By the time students are at Choreography + Performance Level 3 they are often teen-aged. See teen section for more information