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What kids said this week

Posted on 12/13/17 No Comments

“We have dance class? This is the best day of my life!” –2nd grade student, Reach Academy

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Stories that move us

Posted on 11/29/17 No Comments

Luna Holds the Thread by Nancy Ng Constancy, guts, unwavering determination – these were on my mind when I greeted Paula, a parent at one of our Oakland schools. Her family danced with Luna several years ago at a residential recovery center where we bring MPACT (Moving Parents and Children Together). Six years ago, Teresa was […]

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What parents are saying

Posted on 10/17/17 No Comments

“It’s super important to feel comfortable with yourself, with your body and dancing really makes awareness in young children. Class like yours is so essential.” Studio Lab Parent “I hope that this connection to herself and ability to take feedback/prompts without triggering that deep wound can continue to flourish and provide another way for her […]

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What Campers Say

Posted on 07/29/17 No Comments

“Dance has become my escape…When I dance, I feel everything but human. I almost feel god-like. When I dance, I feel like I matter.” Teen Choreo Workshop Dance Student “Dance means how to express yourself. How to feel how you’re feeling.” “This is the best day EVER!” (5 year old mini dance camper in response to […]

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What dance leaders say

Posted on 10/28/14 No Comments

“Success and failure are both fleeting and the work of our lives is not defined by either one.” –Meg Glaser Teran, Dance Educator, Leadership cohort 2014

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Challenges Kids Report

Posted on 07/29/11 No Comments

“I love to move so much that when everybody has to sit down when we discuss things it is really hard for me to stop moving.” “A challenge for me was doing the weight sharing with a partner.  I overcame it by just trusting my partner and be calm and think positive.”  5th grade assessment, […]

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What dance teachers say

Posted on 07/12/11 No Comments

“My Students are very sensitive and aware of how their peers look, speak and react to them. The stigma of special ed is really a challenge esp. with high functioning kids. When in intimidating situations the lower functioning kids will just tune out and feel diminished. Dance is helping them to build leadership skills, and […]

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On the way in

Posted on 02/10/11 No Comments

“I feel like I’m coming home!” Summer Institute 2010 participant upon entering Midyear SI reunion January 29, 2011

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What Kids are Saying

Posted on 02/10/11 No Comments

“What I’m going to remember most is how we used to feel very free…” 5th grade graduation, New Highland Academy

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