Beth Megill

Posted on 12/08/13

IMG_0320[1]Beth Megill, MFA in Dance UC Irvine, BFA UC Santa Barbara, Language of Dance® Specialist, teaches a variety of courses at Moorpark College, currently including Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, Dance Production and Dance Appreciation in addition to choreographing for the Spring musicals.   She is also artistic director of Megill & Company, a non-profit dance theater company located in Ventura county. Under the umbrella of Megill & Company Ms. Megill maintains a consistent relationship with a sister modern dance company Quinto Elemento in Puebla, Mexico where she often spends her summers teaching and choreographing.  Ms. Megill believes in a comprehensive approach to teaching technique and performance often including her various backgrounds in Dance Theory, History, Yoga, Anatomy and Massage Therapy.  She aims to foster well rounded artists who are open to new opportunities, growth and expression.  Ms. Megill currently serves as co-President of the California Dance Education Association.


I was afraid to be great–to be too big. But now, I see that it was my ego that was trying to keep me small, out of fear. I am here to honor all that I am.

This course taught me that others believe in me. They look to me for guidance, support, ideas, vision, inspiration. It is in my nature to do the work. It feeds my soul to move the field forward. Initially, I felt like I was standing in a room with 10 doors and didn’t know which one to choose. I could do many things in the field, but I was convinced I couldn’t do it all. Now I have a new vision. I prop open one door of the 10-doored room and place a welcome mat at the threshold. I do the same at the next and the next until all doors are open. I don’t have to choose any one of them. I get to stay exactly where (who) I am and others come to me as needed. The world and its possibilities were always right there. By staying put in the hub of my world, I am able to connect these disparate world and anchor them with my grand vision.