Dance Education for All!

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Luna’s inter-sectional  approach to realizing our mission through these interwoven pathways—professional learning support for teaching artists, school-based educators, and social workers;  programs within school and social service systems; engaged participation on regional and national committee and boards informs a theory-to-practice-to-policy loop focused on systemic change.

With the recent passage of SB916 TADA! (Theatre and Dance Act), signed by Governor Brown in 2016, as well as other policy wins on behalf of arts education, arts educators recognize that as a group we have the persistence, will and fortitude to create positive change for arts education at the micro- and macro-level.

All voices in support of dance education are needed at this critical time as the reinstatement of the dance teaching credential is on the horizon; and as the state department of education revises the California visual and performing arts standards and the corresponding framework, which will roll out in 2019 and 2020 respectively. Statewide leadership, through individuals committed to dance access for all children, is imperative to reverse the dance and equity gap in California where only 2% of students 6th-12th grade are enrolled in a dance course (CA Arts Education Data Project, 2016-17).


ART Equity Champion BadgeIf you are part of a California organization or school district, consider encouraging your administrators to adopt the Declaration of the Rights of Students to Equity in Arts Learning. Stating that all children deserve to have access to high quality arts education, this Declaration asks for the dedication of appropriate resources to implement strategic arts plans that allow ALL students to participate in visual and performing arts learning. It also asks for a commitment to promoting arts learning that honors all cultures and languages by developing staff capacities, identifying community resources and creating opportunities for students to contribute to the design of their learning. Find out more through Create CA.



fallOH2014Our advocacy page will keep you apprised of campaigns in which you can engage; meanwhile, know that advocacy begins at home. Tell people about your work, about the importance of arts to keeping students engaged in school, or about dance bringing together body, mind & spirit in action. Keep doing your good work AND start talking about it. People often base decisions on emotion—share what works: help them make decisions based on hope rather than fear. Stay informed about the most recent advocacy and policy efforts and initiatives through these regional and national organizations that focus on advocacy for arts education:

American for the Arts

Arts Education Partnership

Berkeley Arts Education Steering Committee

Berkeley Cultural Trust

California Alliance for Arts Education

California Dance Education Association

The Children’s Movement (Children Now)

National Dance Education Organization

National Guild for Community Arts Education