20 Points of View: A Peek Into Dance Making

20 PoV 2018 PosterJoin us for Luna’s 20 Points of View studio event on

Thursday, April 26th, 2018


Luna’s studio at 605 Addison Street, Berkeley

Drop in at anytime to see artists in action! Stay as long or short as you like.

Conceived during our 20th birthday year, 20 Points of View first features 20 choreographers with a half-hour each to indulge in the intimate act of dance-making in our studio. Audience members drop by all day for this FREE choreographic marathon and experience the diverse and dynamic dance scene so unique to the Bay Area. Dance-makers will improvise, rehearse, perform, create, seek audience feedback, and share their artistic process with you. You will get a taste of all the different ways choreographers create dance pieces.



All ages welcome, including large groups, school field trips, and others. To inquire, please RSVP to Cherie, chill@lunadanceinstitute.org


2018 Artists

Featuring choreographers Byb Chanel Bibene, Carmen Roman, Antoine Hunter, Katie Faulkner, Randee Paufve, Vangie King, Janet Collard and more to be announced…

Choreographers interested in sharing work contact Heather, hstockton@lunadanceinstitute.org

This event is designed to feature choreographers who are actively researching their craft and have experience performing. If you are brand new to showing work, please contact Heather to discuss if 20 Points of View is right for you.

2018 Schedule of the Day subject to change

9:00 Arletta Anderson & Adam Smith

9:30 Byb Chanel Bibene Kiandanda Dance

10:00 Janet Collard

10:30 Katie Faulkner

11:00 Molly Rose-Williams

11:30 Claudine Naganuma dNaga

12:00 Randee Paufve

12:30 Clarissa K. Ko and Five Feet Dance

1:00 Mary Armentrout

1:30 Antoine Hunter Urban Jazz Dance

2:00 Sam Stone

2:30 Simpson/Stulberg Collaborations

3:00 BREAK

3:30 Juliet Paramor

4:00 Cherie Hill IrieDance

4:30 Deborah Karp Dance Projects

5:00 Rag Bag

5:30 Colett Eloi

6:00 Evangel King

6:30 Carmen Roman

7:00 Latanya d. Tigner


2018 Artists

AntoineHunter Headshot-Credit RJ MunaA Bay Area native, Antoine Hunter is an award-winning internationally known African-American Deaf choreographer, dancer, instructor, speaker and Deaf advocate who performed throughout the Bay Area and the world including Europe, Africa and South America. Crowned King of SF Carnaval 2017 and esteemed keynote speaker for Kennedy Center’s VSA 2017 Intersection conference on Arts and Special Education, Hunter has been featured on the front cover of Deaf Life, in Dance Spirit, Dance Teacher, Dance Magazine and in Oakland North, 48Hills, CNN’s Great Big Story and KQED Arts. He is former president of Bay Area Black Deaf Advocates and Director-at-Large for Northern California Association of the Deaf.  Mr Hunter actively supports DeafHope, an organization whose mission is to end domestic and sexual violence in Deaf communities through empowerment and education. He teaches dance and ASL in both Hearing and Deaf communities and is the founder/artistic director of Urban Jazz Dance Company and has been producing the Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival since 2013 and has been awarded an Izzie Award in 2018. His projects have been awarded funding by CA$H Theater Bay Area, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, California Arts Council and SF Arts Commission.  Mr. Hunter is a rare spirit who believes in the humanity arts as one of the most powerful tools on earth to instigate change and spread awareness. www.realurbanjazzdance.com. Photo by RJ Muna.

01 Arletta Anderson Adam Smith Photo by Robbie SweenyArletta Anderson & Adam Smith collaborate to make work that sits somewhere between, and outside of, dance and experimental theater. The work deals with the quotidian and the extraordinary, the body and effort, and the blurred lines between what is real and what is absurd. With Arletta’s background as a dancer and Adam’s as a writer/theater artist, movement and verbal language are considered our primary tools. More information at andersmith.co. Photo by Robbie Sweeny.


small Byb photoByb Chanel Bibene is a dance instructor, researcher, choreographer and performer working in theater and contemporary dance. His own technical and aesthetic sensibility is rooted in the culture and dances of his country of origin, the Republic of Congo. He has toured the world and performed internationally with companies and choreographers originating from Africa, England, France and the USA. Artistic Director of Kiandanda Dance Theater, Bibene initiated Mbongui Square festival, a multidisciplinary arts festival that gathers dance, music, spoken word and visual artists from the Bay Area and across the world. Outside of his professional careers of Theater and Dance, Bibene has a passion for writing. He is author of numerous poetry and shorts. Bibene owns a Bachelor in Science, Economics/Finances from Marien Ngouabi University/Brazzaville, an MFA in Dance Creative Practice and a certificate in Dance Production Management from Saint Mary’s College of California. Photo by Kaveri Seth.

Carmen Roman photo Jean Melesaine smallCarmen Román was raised both in Lima, Peru, and in the Bay Area. She is a dancer, choreographer, educator, filmmaker, and emerging scholar. Carmen is the founder and Artistic Director of Cunamacué, an Oakland based dance company which promotes the continuity of Afro-Peruvian culture, representing it not as a point in time, but as a living, vibrant and evolving form whose music and dance can be used as a means of contemporary expression. Her choreographies have been presented both in the U.S. and in Peru. Her first film, Herencia de Un Pueblo, was awarded Best Documentary and Best Cinematography at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival and continues to screen through the U.S. Her article “The Danced Spirituality of African Descendants in Peru” was published in the African Performance Review.  In 2015-2016 Carmen was awarded a U.S. Fulbright Fellowship in Dance to Peru where she conducted research on Afro-Peruvian Dance through performance, observation, teaching, and living in the community. Carmen is currently a teaching artist for Luna Dance Institute. She has been teaching Dance to children and adults in the Bay Area since 2009 in programs such as Performing Arts Workshop, Leap Imagination in Learning, ODC Youth & Teen program, and Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. She has also taught abroad in rural communities in El Salvador and Peru.

cherie hill by alan kimara dixon (dive down)Cherie Hill is a choreographer, dancer, teacher and scholar, whose art explores human expression and how it is conveyed through the body in collaboration with nature, music and visual imagery. Her IrieDance works have been showcased at the African American Cultural Center, the Black Choreographer’s Festival, Bao Bao Festival, SF Moving Arts Festival and more. Visit iriedance.com. Photo by Alan Kimara Dixon.


Clarissa KoClarissa K. Ko is an emerging Bay Area artist invested in making dance, sharing stories, and creating community. She founded her dance company, Five Feet Dance, in 2016 and works collaboratively with a group of artists to create work that encourages empathy and courageous vulnerability. Most recently, Five Feet Dance premiered (de)classified  in April 2018 at CounterPulse as part of their Edge Residency program. Developed in collaboration with six Asian American women, the project unpacks the experiences of bridging culturally polar worlds for Asian American individuals. Ko is thrilled to return to Luna Dance Institute to participate in 20 Points of View for a second time.  For more information please visit: fivefeetdance.com

Deborah Karp Dance Project Photo Credit Lynne Fried dpi (1)Deborah Karp Dance Projects creates and performs relevant, experimental dance that is rooted in the sensing, thinking body and driven by a process of somatic inquiry and collaborative exploration. Founded in Brooklyn and currently based in the Bay Area, DKDP has performed in large proscenium venues, blackbox theaters, art galleries and industrial rooftops on both coasts of the United States and Central America. Deborah Karp Dance Projects has received support from the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts & Humanities, the Clorox Company Foundation and numerous generous individuals. Photo by Lynne Fried.

Claudine Naganuma February 5, 2011-0085dNaga is an intergenerational dance company led by Claudine Naganuma and is in residence at Danspace. They will be presenting part of PEACE Project. From Claudine: “I collect Interviews as a way to learn more about Parkinson’s disease. I edit the interviews to share with dancers who both have and do not have Parkinson’s disease. We listen, process, talk, move, partner and make dances to better understand the subject matter. We examine subjects like Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery together as a company and as a community then put it together with interview clippings that serve as a sound score.” www.dNaga.org. Photo by Matt Haber.

Evangel KingEvangel King is a contemporary dance artist. She choreographs, performs, collaborates, writes, studies, and teaches. She has created over 70 dances. For more: www.evangeldances.com. Evangel brings Breath (now in process) with poem by Susan Duhan Felix Breathe In, Breathe Out to share and investigate. “Each breath is fleeting but breathing is life itself.”  (The Faraway Nearby by Rebecca Solnit)


Janet CollardJanet Collard is a contemporary dancer, choreographer, and teacher based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She considers herself a theatrical performer interested in exploring the language of dance and the body to communicate what it is to be a human on the planet.



000080340011Juliet Paramor: “I am a freelance dancer/choreographer/performer based out of Oakland, CA. I am interested in the moving body and how it affects one’s relationship to themselves, to others, the past and present environment in which it inhabits, and it’s ability to make change. Along with that I find improvisation and collaboration to be my favorite aspects about dance. I love working with other people and I love to improvise from a place rooted in sensation and pleasure. Working with other dancers and choreographers, as well as musicians and visual artists of many mediums is something that I have a growing interest in, as well as working with movement on film and music videos. I am currently following my intuition and my guts, pursuing movement in a way that feels right for me and that nurtures me and my community.” Please visit: julietparamor.com

Katie Faulkner photo Laurie LambrechtKatie Faulkner is a choreographer, performer, teaching artist and Artistic Director of little seismic dance company. As a dancer, she has performed the works of Bill T. Jones, Alex Ketley, Stephen Petronio, Ann Carlson, Victoria Marks, Susan Rethorst, and was a member of AXIS Dance Company from 2003-2007. Her choreographic work has received support both locally and nationally in the form of numerous grants, commissions, awards and residencies including those at ODC Theater, the Rauschenberg Residency, the Headlands Center for the Arts, and MANCC.  The recipient of several Isadora Duncan Dance Awards, she also received the top prize in the Joyce Theater A.W.A.R.D. Show!/SF competition and the SF Bay Guardian GOLDIE Award for dance. She is on faculty at ODC, UC Berkeley and the University of San Francisco and is a certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst.

Mary ArmentroutMary Armentrout is an experimental choreographer, performance artist, videographer, and the director of the Mary Armentrout Dance Theater.  MADT is a San Francisco-based intermedia collective creating hybrid performance works. Armentrout calls her genre-mixing works performance installations, and one of her site-specific works recently won an Isadora Duncan Dance Award. Her works problematize the lived experience of intentionality and presence, and include the audience’s role as a key element of the performance equation.  Her works are grounded in her ongoing investigations of the Feldenkrais mind-body practice, and how this practice intersects with the technological realities of contemporary life.  Her work has been presented throughout the Bay Area, as well as across the US and the UK, Europe, and China.  She organizes the Dance Discourse Project, an on-going series of artist-curated discussions of the Bay Area dance scene, and co-curates performance at her home studio The Milkbar in Richmond CA.

Samantha StoneSamantha Stone received her BFA in Dance from the University of Michigan. Upon graduating, she has continued her dance studies both outside of the US in Brazil, Mexico and Europe as well as here in the Bay Area focusing her studies primarily towards Axis Syllabus Dance. Sam has had the pleasure to work with choreographers Kathleen Hermesdorf, Bianca Cabrera, Rosemary Hannon, Ashley Trottier, Aura Fischbeck and Leyya Tawil. Her own work has been shown in several local theaters though she prefers enchanting the homes, galleries & shops around her with movement and design. Sam is also a founder of vîv, a collaborative women group focused on reimagining dance in the Bay area. Sam engages in teaching, choreographing & performing on both sides of the Bay, always pushing for arts awareness & opportunity for all.


simpson stulberg collaborationsSimpson/Stulberg Collaborations was formed in the Bay Area in the Fall of 2014. SSC was nominated for two Izzie Awards for Outstanding Choreography and Outstanding Performance in an Ensemble. They have performed at various Bay Area locations like the DeYoung Museum, ODC Theater, Joe Goode Annex for the Hope Mohr Bridge Project, CounterPulse Theater and at the University of San Francisco. Recent residencies include: CounterPulse Edge Residency, Margaret Jenkins’ CHIME Program, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center’s Artist in Residency, and FACT/SF’s resident JuMP Choreography and Commissioning program. A commission from Bare Bait Dance Company in Missoula, MT brought our work on tour to the University of Montana where they taught masterclasses and performed, “Still Life No. 7.” SSC receives generous granting support from various foundations and individuals. Lauren Simpson has danced for Liz Lerman and Risa Jaroslow. She teaches in the Dance Program at the University of San Francisco. M.F.A. University of Colorado, Ed.M. Harvard University, B.A. Carleton College. Jenny Stulberg has danced for Hope Mohr and Xandra Ibarra. Her dance-films have screened in festivals across the country including San Francisco Dance Film Festival. M.F.A. NYU Tisch School of the Arts, B.F.A. Western Michigan University. Photo credit Robbie Sweeney

20 Points of View past choreographers have included, LV Dance Collective, Robyn Harker, Cherie Hill, Kusanovich Dance, Shinichi Iova-Koga & Hiroko Tamano, Wax Poet(s), Colin Epstein, Randee Paufve, Impromptu No Tutu – Greacian Goeke, Jessi Barber, Briana Dickinson, Erica Pinigis, Deborah Karp Dance Projects, The Thick Rich Ones, Amy Lewis, Leigh Ann Kabatra, Andrea Mock, for change dance collective , Holley Farmer & Mills College RepCo, Kendra Kimbrough Dance Ensemble,  Nina Haft, Byb Chanel Bibene & Kiandanda Dance Theaterfor change dance collective, Janet Collard, Claudine Naganuma & dNagaEric KupersMary Armentrout Dance Theater, Karla Quintero, Bianca Brzezinski & Opal Street Dance Improvisational Theater , Erica Pinigis & Scratch DanceNAKA Dance TheaterSamantha BlanchardCuauhtemoc Mitote PerandaMarika Brussel, Katherine McGinity, Rosemary Hannon, Antoine Hunter & Urban Jazz Dance Company, Evangel King, and more…


Generously supported by:

Zellerbach Family Foundation, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Berkeley Civic Arts Commission, Alameda County Arts Commission/ARTSFUND Grants, Mechanics Bank